baby onion consommé with truffle and Colonnata lard on toast.

Baby white onions
Beef stock
Lardo di Colonnata (unsalted)

These baby onions have a pleasant mild and sweet taste. They are not aggressive to the palate so they allow the taste of the truffle to come through. 
The lard of Colonnata (Lardo di Colonnata) is one of the most most famous of italian specialities. It has a very pure and delicate taste and is extremely light on the palate.

For each bowl of consommé you will need 130g of boiled onions, 500ml of beef stock, half a garlic clove and a knob of butter.
First boil the onions in their skins until they are soft. Remove the skins and put the onions into a saucepan. On low heat mix the onions with the butter and garlic for a couple of minutes and add the beef stock. Simmer for 45 mins. Then clarify the soup using egg whites. (for each person boil 7 baby onions to place in the dish).

Pour the consommé into a bowl bottom plate, add 5g of grated truffle and place the baby onions.
Make some toasted soldiers and top with a thin slice of lard (Colonnata).