raw bluefin tuna steak rolled in black garlic and truffle. squid ink sauce.

Red tuna
Squid ink
Grated truffle
Grated black garlic

I love it when simplicity rhymes with harmony and tasty.
The tuna has a rich and delicate taste and the truffle adds earthy, nutty undernotes and the black garlic an uplifting tang.

Get a flat plate. Put a spoon full of squid ink in the centre and hit it with the back of a tablespoon (make sure to put the plate in the sink first, or you’ll be decorating the kitchen with it). 

Cut the red tuna steak and into thick rectangles. Use 5 parts of truffle for one part of black garlic. Grate them into a plate and mix well. Press the tuna rectangles into that plate to cover all edges (a part from the underneath) in the mixture. You should have a vibrant red rectangle with a beautiful black pattern around it. Just what you need to get the taste buds aching with envy, ready to bite into its rich flesh.