potatoes stuffed with beef fillet and truffle. baby white onions. beef sauce.

Beef fillet
Savory flowers 

The stewed beef.
300g of beef fillet, 1 carrot, half an onion, 200ml of beef stock and 50ml of red wine.
Cut the carrot into slices and fry for a few minutes. Cut the beef fillet into half inch squares. Powder the beef fillet with flour and in another pan sear the beef fillet all the way around. Put the beef and the carrots into an oven dish. Pour the wine and the stock into the pan where you seared the beef to absorb the meat juices and then pour it into the oven dish with the beef and carrots. 
Cook at 150°C for a few hours until the meat is really tender. 

Boil the potatoes in their skins until they start to get soft. The texture needs to be just right so that you can empty the potato while keeping its shape.
Remove the skins. Smooth off the surface with a damp cloth. Empty the underneath of the potatoes with a small spoon. Take most of the juices out of the stewed beef and stuff the potatoes with the beef.

Fry half an onion on low heat until transparent. Add 250ml of beef stock and 100ml of the juices from the stewed beef to the onion. Cook for a few minutes and pass through a cloth to keep a transprent liquid sauce.

Boil the onions in a little water until soft. Then remove the skins and the first layer of the onion. Keep in the pan to heat later.

Take flat high edged plates. Pour the sauce into the plate. Heat the stuffed potatoes in a microwave and place on the plate with the onions that you have warmed in their juices and decorate with the savory herb flowers.