coffee table book '12 Gourmet Adventures' recipes and table arts

by Ralph Hutchings and Regine Rivère-Salvignol
Recipes by Alain Llorca **Michelin and Jon Coomb Remy Martin best new restaurant of UK award.

This book came to fruition when talented table art stylist Regine Rivère-Salvignol decide to make a book on her wonderful artistic layouts for theme meals for special occassions.
She called upon Ralph to take the project forward producing the book design and the photography.
The book took another dimension, taking them all over Europe from the Scottish Island of Jura to the beautiful beaches of Corsica, where they put each theme into a different environment. 
The book shows photos of these wonderful adventures and Regine’s artistic table displays. 
A book of joy and inspiration.
To make the book complete, Ralph asked two of his well known chefs to concieve some recipes for each table. 
Jon Coomb (Remy Martin - best new restaurant UK award) and two star michelin chef Alain llorca. Some fabulous and original recipes to experience.

Signed ‘coffee table’ book - 360 pages, size 240mm x 295cm available. Please ask for price with delivery:

Copies of smaller size version are available soon on demand at Amazon