coconut cream on crumble mixed chocolate and truffle flakes and vanilla.

Coconut cream
White and milk chocolate
vanilla bean
Coconut sorbet

Coconut cream comes in cans already in a solid form. The taste is quite delicate and discrete. Just the thing to let the truffle take the leading role. The lovely creamy texture and delicate perfume goes really well with the earthy and nutty qualities of the fresh truffle.

Cut a fair amount of shavings off of the milk and white chocolate bars and put aside.
Cut your truffles into slices.
make your shortbread crumble base:

Take some shortbread biscuits and put them in a plastic bag. Using a rolling pin reduce the biscuits to small (not too fine) pieces. Melt a knob of butter and mix it into the crushed biscuits. The butter is the element that will solidify the mixture for the crumble base. Put the crumble mixture into cookie cutter forms and push down well to compact them so they make a solid form. Leave them in the cutter forms and refridgerate. You can take them out of the cutter forms after an hour, once the butter has solidified. Leave them out of the fridge for atleast an hour to return to room temperature (you want them to crumble easily when cut).  

Coconut cream.
Depending on the brand, the cream will be more or less solid. So this will govern how long you need to leave it in the fridge or freezer to get the right texture for the dessert. It needs to keep its shape for the time necessary to dress the plate, serve and eat. I put mine into the fridge and took the whole solid block out of the can in one piece. This allows me to cut it into thick slices. The diametre of the can is exactly the same as the cookie cutter form so you wont need to trim it.
Once you have sliced the coconut cream, you just need to pop it onto the shortbread crumble base that you have already prepared, sprinkle with lots of the dark and white chocolate shavings, the sliced truffles and the vanilla bean.

Let the coconut sorbet melt into a liquid state and pour around the dessert.