homemade chocolate truffles with oreo ice cream

Whisky flavoured choclate
Orange and almond chip chocolate
Cocoa chip chocolate
Salted caramel chocolate
Roasted hazelnuts( in tiny pieces)
Chocolate powder
Icing sugar
Sour cream
Grated and sliced truffles

For 6 truffles: 90g of the chocolate of your choice and 25cl of sour cream.
Bring the sour cream to the boil. Add the chocolate and stir until obtaining a pulp. allow to cool down 10mins, then form the balls with your hands and add the desired topping- chocolate powder, icing suger, nuts, grated truffle or liquid chocolate.
Ingredients used for my truffles (turning clockwise) - 1. chocolate with whisky covered in liquid chocolate (dip the truffle into liquid chocolate with a bbq stick then refridgerate before removing form stick. You can place the stick in a potato cut in half to hold it in the fridge). 2. chocolate with orange and almond chips covered in chocolate powder. 3. chocolate with cocoa nibs covered in grated truffle. 4. chocolate with salted caramel covered in nuts. 5. chocolate 70% cacao with grated truffle (mix the truffle into the chocolate before making the ball) and covered in icing sugar.

Refrigerate for an hour before serving. Serve with ice cream and a generous amount of truffle shavings. I have used oreo ice cream. It has a nice texture and visual effect and goes perfectly with the truffles.