‘poire’ of angus beef with cep and morel sauce, sliced truffle and baby asparagus. truffle tapenade and foie gras toasties

Poire pear of Angus beef (specific french cut from the rump steak)
Beef stock
Game stock
Dried cepes and boletus mushrooms
Fresh or frozen morels
Baby asparagus
Black olive tapenade
Foie gras
Sliced and grated truffles

Dilute half an ounce of beef stock in 500g of warm water.
Take a tablespoon of mixed  dried cepes and boletus mushrooms. Leave them in 400g of warm water for 15mins. Heat some shallots and garlic in a pan until they start to get soft. Add the beef stock and simmer for 10mins. Add the mushrooms and their water and leave to simmer for 10mins. 
Dilute a teaspoon of game stock into 100ml of warm water and add to the sauce. Add grated truffle and some whole morel mushrooms (4 per person). Continue to simmer for 15mins. Take the morels out and leave aside.
Pass the sauce through a sieve to just keep the juice. Leave aside. 

Toast a slice of white bread on both sides. When golden, cut the bread to half its thickness with a bread knife, cut into 4 squares and only toast the untoasted sides. Make a sandwich with four slices of toast, a slice of fois gras, rocket leaves and a truffle tapenade (mix some grated truffle into black olive tapenade). Put the sandwich on a skewer.

Blanche the asparagus for a couple of minutes in boilng water. Cut the beef fillet into 2 inch thick slices. Roll the beef in olive oil with black pepper and sea salt and leave for a few minutes. Cook both sides for a couple of minutes and sear the edges. Take off the heat, place on a plate and cover with silver foil for 4 minutes to extract the juices.
Place the beef fillets in the centre of the plate. Pour the sauce around them. Add the baby asparagus and the morels. Pour the meat juices on the steak and add some generous slices of truffle.
Place the toast sandwich skewer and a couple of red feather mustard leaves.