yellow and white beetroot flower artichoke purée, truffle petals. cream of artichoke sauce.

White beetroot
Yelllow beetroot
Petals of truffle
Prince of brittany artichoke 

The beetroot petals.
Cut the yellow and white beetroots into petal-like slices. Boil in chicken stock until cooked (not too cooked or they will go limp and lose their colour) 

The artichoke puree.
For each person you will need one large artichoke. (you will also need another half of artichoke for each person for the sauce). The ones I suggest are Prince of Brittany, they have a deep earthy taste. Fill a large pot half way with water. Add one white onion cut in half, 3 cloves of garlic cut in half, a good hand full of salt and some whole black pepper slightly crushed. (you want the salt and pepper to season the water, you will not need to season after they are cooked). Cook for atleast 1H30 turning the artichokes often so that they cook evenly.
When cooked leave 15mins to cool. Keep the cooking juices for the sauce.
Remove the artichokes from the water, peel off each leaf one by one and gently scrape off the flesh and put it into a bowl. When you have extracted all the flesh from the petals, remove the flowers cap and cut through with a very sharp knife to remove the flower and isolate the soft heart. Cut the heart into small pieces and blend in a mixer with the rest of the flesh form the leaves.

Take 30g of the artichoke puree. Add 60g liquid cream, 30g veal stock, 80g artichoke cooking juices and mix in a blender.

Make a little hill in the middle of the dish with the artichoke puree. Then place the white beetroot petals around the puree like a closed flower bud. Add the yellow beetroot petals on the outside. Cut thin slices of truffle into petal shapes and insert into the beetroot petals.

Serve the sauce in a small bowl (to be poured around the flower by your guests).