stewed pheasant spaghetti with grated truffle and rosemary blossom

Stewed pheasant 
Gluten free spaghetti (more nutty taste)
Crumble of truffle
Rosemary blossom

A poetic hommage 
to this beautiful fowl

The meat.
Cut the pheasant into pieces and sear in a frying pan. Add equal parts of Chicken stock, vegetable stock and red wine. Add some cut carrots, shallots , fennel, a little rosemary and thyme . The stock should cover 2/3 of the meat. Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 hours or until the meat is really tender and falls off the bone. Take the meat out. Run the cooking juices through a sieve and put aside.

Grate some truffle rather coarsly. Cook the spaghetti (dried not fresh) in the cooking juices. When cooked return the meat to the cooking juices with the spaghetti. Mix the ingredients together and serve into the plates. Sprinkle the grated truffle over the pasta and decorate with rosemary flowers. Keep some of the spaghetti aside to finish the dish by placing a few individually to create a more poetic shape.