milk veal fillet with homemade truffle gnocchi, mini mozzarella, red salad leaves, king oyster mushrooms, sliced truffle and beef and game broth.

Fillet of milk veal
Truffle gnocchi 
King oyster mushrooms
Miniature buffalo mozzarella
Red feather mustard leaves
Beef stock
Game stock
Rocket salad leaves

For four persons.
Slice the king oyster mushrooms into thin slices (length-wise so as to keep the shape of the mushroom). Take the buffalo mozzarella out of the fridge. Pick out some nicely shaped red oak and rocket leaves. Cut some truffle into big but thin slices. Cut the veal fillet into small but thick pieces.

250g of potatoes, 65g of flour. (I use gluten-free flour that is softer and lighter to eat). Cook the potatoes but not too long, you dont want them to be floaded with water (to avoid this, leave the skins on whilst cooking). Rinse and mash the potatoes not too finely. Add the flour and one egg yolk. Season with sea salt and pepper and add a good deal of grated truffle. Mix. Knead into a smooth ball and leave it to rest for an hour or so. Roll into sizeable balls.

Heat some shallots (cut lengthwise and not too thin) and one chopped garlic clove in a pan. When slightly coloured, add the beef stock (500cl). Cook for 5mins, add some grated truffle and 10g of 70% cocoa chocolate and reduce for 10mins. Then add 10g of dried ceps and their juice (after they have been soaked in warm water for 15mins). Cook for another 5mins. Add sea salt, black pepper as well as 15g of veal stock in powder form diluted in 250g of warm water. Reduce for 15mins, keeping it quite liquid in texture.

Fry the veal fillets for a few minutes on each side and seal the edges. Take off of the heat and cover with silver foil to bring out the juices. Place the gnocchi in the broth until serving. Fry the mushrooms on medium heat. 
Uncover the veal pieces and place each one in the centre of the plate. Pour the juices on. Take out the gnocchi and serve a portion of broth around the veal. Add 4 gnocchi and 3 mozzarella balls to each plate. Decorate with the mushrooms, the red feather mustard leaves, rocket leaves and the sliced truffle. To add colour you can add some edible flowers of the season.