wild hare with ceps. ceps, morel and game sauce. grated truffle.

Wild hare
Game stock
Grated truffle

For 4 persons.
The hare. 
Cut 4 whole shallots and 4 garlic cloves in small pieces and fry lightly in a large frying pan at low heat for a few minutes.
Cover the hare in olive oil and roll it in sea salt and black pepper.
Dice a couple of carrots and courgettes.
Add 6 or 7 thyme leaves and sear the hare on all sides in the pan with the shallots and garlic.
Add to the pan in equal quantities some chicken stock and red wine to cover 2/3 of the meat. Reduce. 
When the liquid level needs topping up, add some game stock and continue to reduce for around 1.5 to two hours until the meat comes off the bone. Some parts will need to be cooked more than others. Take out what is really tender and continue until the rest is done.
Take off of the bone put aside. 

The sauce.
Put 10g of dried ceps in 250g of warm water for 15mins. Take 8 average sized ceps and 8 Morels. Cut them into small cubes. Put a couple of cut shallots into a pan with one finely cut garlic clove. Heat on medium heat for a minute before adding the ceps and morels. Fry them for a couple of minutes and add 10cl of full cream. Cook a further 5 mins and add the dried ceps with their water that has now taken the flavour of the mushrooms. Reduce for 20mins on low heat. Add 250cl of game stock and another 10cl of full cream and continue to reduce until it has a slightly creamy texture.

Lightly fry a few ceps cut in half lengthwise with a little garlic. Warm the stewed hare and place some on each plate.
Pour the sauce on. Add the fried ceps and sprinkle with grated truffle.