turbot with black squid mash shimeji mushrooms and Jerusalem artichoke. sliced truffle.

Squid ink
Chicken, cep and tea sauce
Brown Shimeji mushrooms
Jerusalem artichokes
Sliced Melanosporum truffle


The mash.
Boil the potatoes. Add a good deal of butter and full cream, and little salt (to taste) and knead with a fork until perfectly smooth. Add a generous portion of grated truffle and the squid ink and knead till dark black. Cover with cling film to lock the moisture in.

The sauce.
For eight people. Put 10g of dried ceps into 200ml of warm water for 15mins. Dissolve 10g of chicken stock into 400ml of water. Infuse 200ml of black tea. Fry some shallots in a large pan and soften. Add all the stocks to the pan with a little sea salt and black pepper. Reduce by 20% and pass through a sieve.

Jerusalem artichokes.
Cut the Jerusalem artichokes into 2mm slices. Fry gently, turning them over until transparent and soft. Put aside.

The fish.
Cut the fillets out of the Turbot and cut into square pieces of around 2”. Season with sea salt and black pepper.

Flash fry the Shimeji mushrooms a few minutes. Lightly fry the pieces of turbot so that they are still soft and succulent inside. Gently re-fry the Jerusalem artichokes (double cooking gives them a great texture). 

Make a round mound of black puree with a circular cookie cutter. Place the shimeji mushrooms around the mash and top it with two pieces of turbot, a couple of pieces of Jerusalem artichokes and a slice of truffle. Pour in some sauce and serve.