trofie with squid and truffle, truffle tapenade

Trofie pasta
Truffle soldiers

Mix equal parts of chicken and vegetable stock. Simmer for 30 mins to reduce.

To get thin slices of bread - Toast a piece of sliced bread on both sides. When slightly golden take it out and cut the thickness in half with a bread knife.
Toast the side of the bread that isn’t toasted. Mix some grated truffle with a fruity black olive tapenade and sculpt a square on the toast.

Cook the trofie 12 mins.

Clean and cut the squid into strands roughly egual to the diametre of the trofie. Fry in a little olive oil until slightly coloured. 
Add the trofie and sauté them a couple of minutes with the squid so that they soak up the cooking fluids.

Place the trofie and squid in the plate. Pour the sauce around the trofie. Top with truffle cut into soldiers and a little black pepper. Place the toast with the tapenade.