homemade truffle pappardelle with cèpes and morel sauce sheep’s cheese and truffle

Aged sheep’s cheese with truffle
Grated truffle

for 2 portions. 
The pasta.
Take 300g of flour (I’m using gluten-free flour) 3 whole eggs, 15g olive oil (truffle oil if you want to add personality to the pasta) even though there is 0% truffle in truffle oil, the taste does simulate truffle well but it should only be used in very small quantities or it becomes over powering.
25g luke warm water, 4g salt.
Put the flour into a bowl and stir in all the other ingredients. Knead the dough with your hands and sprinkle a little extra flour until the dough no longer sticks to your hands. If too dry, add another egg. If too sticky, add flour.

5g granules of dried ceps, 30g of ceps (fresh or frozen, 25g of morels, 10g of veal stock powder, 5g of game stock powder, 10cl of full fat cream, 5g of freshly grated truffle.
Put the dried ceps into warm water for 15mins. Pour into pan (with the juice). Let simmer 10 mins. Dilute the stock powder in a bit of water and add to the ceps. Let simmer 5mins and add the morels and ceps. Let simmer a further 10mins. Add the full fat cream, black pepper, sea salt and grated truffle. Reduce for a thick creamy texture.

Cook the pasta for a few minutes to your desired texture, well-done or al dente. Pour the pasta into a sieve then put back into the pan. Immediately pour half the sauce in and mix it well into the pasta. Fill half the bowl with the sauce and add one by one the pappardelle to give some volume to the dish. Grate some truffle over the pasta and add the slices of aged sheep truffle cheese.