sea cicada with truffle toast

Sea Cicada

The cicada.
Rather rare lobster. Still can be found in the fish market in Ventimiglia on the Italian riviera. Its flesh is very refined and has an extremely delicate taste and texture.
With a pair of scissors, cut out the underneath of the shell so you can remove the flesh, taking care that the rest of the cicada’s shell remains intact. Flash fry the flesh very lightly in a little garlic butter (so that its still raw inside) 

Put the fried pieces of flesh on the plates and cover with the empty shells of the cicadas.

The toast.
Take a little olive oil and a generous quantity of grated truffle and put it in the olive oil for a week or so. The oil will eventually take the perfume of the truffle. 
Make some bread soldiers, toast and soak with some of the truffle oil. Then sprinkle with grated truffle. 

If you don’t have the time to prepare your truffle oil, I do not suggest using ‘truffle oil4 bought in the shops. There is 0% truffle in these oils and the taste of the artificial flavour is overpowering). You can just use virgin olive oil and spread the truffle over, rubbing it into the oil at the time of making the toast.