green vegetable purée with truffle and green salad

Puree of green vegetables:
peas, asparagus, broad beans.
Broad beans
Mange tout
Feather red mustard leaves
Frisee lettuce
Truffle cream. 
(Ciro Gourmet - made with balsamic vinegar from Modena).

I really find that fresh crispy green vegetables really marry perfectly with the crispy and nutty character of the truffle. 

Cook equal amounts of peas and asparagus till soft. Mix into a puree with a touch of vegetable stock, salt and pepper to taste. Refridgerate.

Blanch the mange tout and asparagus. Put the fresh peas in hot water for 5 mins (dont cook). Allow all to cool and chill.
Place the purée in a line on the plate. Add the mange tout, asparagus tips, peas, broad beans, feather red mutard leaves, frisee and coriander leaves and the sliced truffle. Decorate with drops of the truffle cream.