pane, pumata è prisuttu. fresh tomato toast with thick cut corsican cured ham, sheep’s cheese, oyster mushrooms and truffle.

Toasted bread (gluten free)
Fresh tomato
Tomato purée 
Corsican cured ham
Corsican sheep’s cheese
Oyster mushrooms
Thick cut truffle

Cut the Corsican cured ham, the Corsican sheep’s cheese, the oyster mushrooms and the truffle into thick chunky stripes.
Flash fry the mushrooms on both sides and take off heat immediately. Cut some rectangles out of a thin sliced loaf. Toast till golden and leave a while to get crispy. 
In a bowl squeeze the juices out of some plump ripe fresh tomatoes and add the equivalent in tomatoe puree, mix the two together. Just before serving spread the tomatoe mixture over the toast. sprinkle with olive oil and a little sea salt.
Make a line with the cured ham, the oyster mushrooms, the sheep’s cheese and thick cut truffle.