land and sea tartare of sea bass, scallops, gamberoni, lard from Colonnata and grated truffle.

Sea Bass
Lard from Colonnata
Grated truffle

I love this mixture of flavours from land and sea. The raw fish and sefood is delicate and refined allowing the truffle to dominate the aroma in the mouth and the lard from Colonnata adds a balanced salty taste and earthy texture.

For 4 people you should have roughly 1 large sea bass, 6 scallops, 24 scampi tails and 2 thick cut slices of lard. 
Fillet the sea bass and cut the shells off of the scampi, remove the muscle from the scallops and dice them all (keeping them seperate so when you are serving on the plates each dish will have the same amount of each ingredient).

Per person, take 44g of sea bass, 27g of scallops, 27g of scampi, 12g of lard and mix the ingredients together so that the elements are well mixed, avoiding squeezing the ingredients too hard. then add 7g of grated truffle and mix well. 
Pour the mixture into a cookie mould to form a perfect circle. sprinckle a few grains of sea salt and serve.