cream of asparagus with pea sprouts and truffle.

Sour cream
Egg white
Pea sprout heads
Punched truffle

I just love asparagus with truffle. I find its crispy texture and delicate flavour mix perfectly with the truffle. 

For each helping. Take two big asparagus. Brake off the stringy base by just bending the asparagus over. Throw away the base. Separate the heads from the remaining stalk and put both into salty water to boil. After a few minutes take out the heads and put aside. Continue to cook the stalks until they are really soft.
Then put the stalks in a mixer and mix with a little salt, one egg white and 60g of sour cream.

Cut the heads (the leaves at the top) of the pea sprouts and cut each asparagus head into three slices. Punch out some truffle circles with a punch form (you can do this with a plastic pen top that has been sterilzed if you don’t have a punch form).  Pour the asparagus cream into the plate, place the asparagus slices and the pea sprout heads and then decorate with the punched truffle pieces.