scottish scampi with hollandaise sauce, sea beans, salmon roe, caviar lemon, caviar and grated truffle.

Scampi (large and scottish)
Hollandaise sauce
Salt fingers (sea beans)
Salmon roe
Caviar (optional)
Caviar lemon

A carnival of flavours here. Picked up some beautiful scampi that just arrived from Scotland that incited me to concoct this recipe. Truffle goes so well with many types of seafood. this scampi has a soft texture and delicate taste that will allow all the other flavours come out. Found some sea beans, they give a wonderful crispy texture and are succulent. A little lemon caviar from the garden to add a little freshness and acid, Salmon eggs for salt and texture, and a few drops of caviar (optional) for added complexity. Not to forget some freshly cut truffle for that beautiful earthly nutty note.


Hollandaise sauce.
250 g of butter
2 egg yolks
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Heat the egg yolks in a bain-marie and start to whisk, add the lemon juice and continue to whisk until you have a thick and creamy substance.
Then add gradually the melted butter as you are whisking. When all the butter has been integrated add a little salt and pepper to taste. Put the mixture straight away into a thermos flask (that you have preheated with a little warm water. Take out the water just before filling the flask with the hollandais sauce).

Using a pair of scissors cut the shell of the scampi down the middle top and bottom and remove the flesh and devein.

The rest.
Chop the salt fingers into very short pieces (roughly the same size as a salmon roe), and grate some truffle.

Serving. (for each person).
Mix 10g of salt fingers, 12g of salmon roe, 6g of caviar and 1g of lemon caviar into 50cl of hollandaise sauce.
Fry the scampi on low heat just 30 seconds on each side (keeping the centre raw). Do this with a saucepan ontop of the scampi to stop the flesh from curling. Place the scampi on the plate. Pour the sauce mixture around the scampi and sprinkle on 10g of grated truffle on top.
Serve the claws as a side dish.